Yamaha Authorised Service Agent

Cliff Meakin is a Yamaha Authorised Service Agent and Yamaha Disklavier technician.

The Yamaha Disklavier system is the cream of the crop when it comes to acoustic piano recording and playback. The piano is an entirely acoustic instrument with all the subtleties and variations in tone of acoustic pianos, but Yamaha have managed to interface their state of the art digital and electronic technologies with the acoustic piano in a way that makes almost no difference at all to the touch, control or response of the acoustic instrument. The piano can function as:

  • A fully acoustic piano
  • A fully digital keyboard with a huge variety of tones
  • A split or shared acoustic/digital keyboard
  • A silent piano. Using headphones the piano becomes completely silent without changing the feel and touch of the acoustic piano
    Some of the features include:
  • Several MIDI interfaces allow the piano to be used as a full MIDI playback device with hundreds of high quality MIDI voices, or as a MIDI input keyboard
  • A full professional sound system integrating with any number of external audio devices. The piano pictured below was set up for a customer; it is a Yamaha C7 with 2 Yamaha monitor speakers hanging on brackets below it - truly phenomenal sound
  • A full midi interface to a computer which permits MIDI in both directions, no MIDI card or MIDI interface device required
  • A variety of inputs allowing direct connection to a computer sound-card
  • Internet connectivity for firmware upgrades and a variety of Internet based MIDI sources and a Yamaha radio station
  • USB sockets and a CD player
  • All the usual such as microphone and video jacks, the piano even has volume control on acoustic playback!